For the past thirty years I have had the pleasure of helping couples prepare for the greatest day in their lives when they join themselves together in the holy bond of Marriage. Working with the couples in preparing for this great day is a wonderful thrill me because I understand how much this day means and I want to do all that is possible to make the ceremony as meaningful as possible. The experiences that I have had over those thirty years brings a lot of help to the couples as I work with them to make the ceremony truly theirs. It is so very important to me to see that the couples take ownership of their ceremony because it is the holy bond between that brings the couple together for life. Whether young or “older”, the bride and groom must in my opinion feel that this is their beginning of a long and blessed marital contract. In addition to first time weddings ceremonies I am happy to officiate vow renewals and second marriages. I have been involved in many non-denominational Christian weddings and have a list of Rabbis who I have worked with in the past and can recommend.

I am legally qualified to preform New York State and city ceremonies and have done many ceremonies in different states throughout our country. I do not mind traveling for a wedding and do not charge extra for a longer distance as many others clergy do. Your wedding day will be something you always remember and it is something you have greatly invested in, both emotionally and financially. I want to serve you so that those investments will result in wonderful lasting memories.